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President Biden calls VP Harris ‘President’ once again in Atlanta.

US President Joe Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘President Harris’ in yet another slip of the tongue while addressing students in Atlanta.

The gaffe which isn’t the first by the president was made while speaking about voting rights on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College on Tuesday, January 11.

He didn’t correct himself after making the error.

Referencing last year’s Capitol Hill riot on January 6, he told the crowd:

‘Last week, President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol to observe one of those before and after moments in American history.’

Biden has referred to his second-in-command as ‘President Harris’ multiple times since coming into office – including at a speech in South Carolina last month.

In December 2020, before the Biden administration was sworn in, Biden called Harris the ‘president-elect.’

During the 2020 election, Donald Trump and Republicans accused Biden of suffering from cognitive decline .

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