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Emeka Rollas “AGN president ” Says BBN Evictees are not fit for Nollywood.


The national president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, has launched shots at the ousted housemates of the renowned Nigerian reality show Big Brother Nigeria.

The actor branded participants of the show unfit for Nigeria’s film business in a recent Instagram post in which he tagged various publications.

“Nollywood! Not a dumping ground for evictees!!! Case closed,” Rochas wrote on Instagram.

The AGN president’s statement is likely a reference to the recent trend of filmmakers casting show attendees as part of a marketing campaign.

Emeka Rollas remark is likely not the first time this tactic has been criticized. His, though, will be the first from a well-known Nollywood figure.

In March 2020, the AGN president created news when he named controversial Nigeran senator Elisha Abbo as a Patron of the guild.

Actors Kate Henshaw and Hilda Dokubo had publicly chastised Rollas for appointing a senator who was entangled in a physical assault lawsuit at the time.

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