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The Taliban is ‘intensifying’ their search for Afghans who assisted the US, according to the United Nations.

The group has “priority lists” of people it wants to arrest, according to the report, which was provided by the UN’s threat-assessment consultants and obtained by AFP.
According to the dossier, those who held key positions in the Afghan military, police, and intelligence agencies are the most vulnerable.
According to the report, the Taliban has been making “targeted door-to-door visits” to those they want to seize and their families.
Militants are also inspecting people on their route to Kabul airport and have set up checkpoints in important cities including as Kabul and Jalalabad, according to the report.
The Norwegian Center for Global Analyses, which offers intelligence to UN agencies, wrote the document, which was dated Wednesday.
According to Christian Nellemann, the group’s executive director, “they are targeting the families of people who refuse to hand themselves up, prosecuting and punishing their families “according to Sharia law.”

“We expect both individuals previously working with NATO/US forces and their allies, alongside with their family members to be exposed to torture and executions.

“This will further jeopardize western intelligence services, their networks, methods and ability to counter both the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist threats ahead,” he added.

According to the article, the militants are “quickly recruiting” new informants to work for the Taliban rule, and they are expanding their target list by contacting mosques and money brokers.
Since regaining control on Sunday, the Taliban have started public relations offensive, pledging full amnesty to anyone who collaborated with the elected Afghan government.
Afghans and observers, on the other hand, have not forgotten the Taliban’s ultra-conservative Islamic administration from 1996 to 2001, which imposed harsh punishments such as stoning to death for adultery.*

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